Women in Agriculture


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Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)

0302 779023/4



  • To study, support and influence legislative or other measures which are considered favourable for industry
  • To contribute substantially to the growth and development of industries in Ghana
  • To create a supportive and competitive business climate, which makes Ghanaian companies internationally competitive
Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GNCCI)

0302 662860

0302 947036



  • To promote the interest of companies and organizations engaged in investments, trade, commerce, agriculture, industry and manufacturing.
  • To play leadership role in the promotion of the healthy growth of Ghana's economy,
  • Establishing a strong international linkage and projecting a good image for the country.
Vegetable Producers and Exporters Association of Ghana (VEPEAG) 0302 777220 www.vepeag.com vepeag@gmail.com
  • To assist its members and individuals in the proper cultivation of vegetables and the marketing of such vegetables in accordance with accepted standards
  • To create and maintain an atmosphere of cooperation among members to establish a supply chain for the supply of quality fresh vegetables to the domestic and international markets

Papaya and Mango Producers and Exporters Association of Ghana (PAMPEAG)

0244 296895


  • To establish a brand on the market, to be recognized by its high quality and tasty mangoes and papaya

National Food Buffer Stock

Company (NAFCO)

0302 785259 nafcogh@yahoo.com
  • To stabilize food grain supply and price
  • To ensure emergency food reserve
  • To ensure macro-economic stability
  • To act as a foreign exchange earner
  • To promote the consumption of locally grown produce
  • To boost agro-processing factories
Ghana Agricultural Associations Business & Information Centre (GAABIC) 0302 246343 gaabicsecretariat@gmail.com
  • To promote professionalism and growth amongst agricultural associations in Ghana

Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana (PFAG)

0244 657451

        peasantfarmersghana@ya hoo.com

  • A visionary life of dignity for the rural peasant through improved, secure and protected livelihoods and poverty reduction.

Apex Farmers Organization of Ghana (APFOG)

0302 763890

www.egfar.org/egfar/public/FOs/ ghana_apfog apfogsecretariat@yahoo.com

  • To unify all farmer-based organizations in Ghana under one umbrella
  • To lobby and advocate for farmer friendly policies

Private Enterprise


0302 974983/4


  • Influence policy direction prioritizing private sector driven economic and social development for an improved and consistent investment climate and enabling environment

Federation of Association of

Ghanaian Exporters (FAGE)

0302 232554

0302 223215

www.ghanafreshproduce.org www.ghana-exporter.orgfage@ighmail.com

  • To represent the interest of its members and seek to improve the environment to facilitate exports
  • To promote the expansion and diversification of Ghanaian exports to foreign markets
  • Consider all issues concerning exports and represent and articulate views and opinions, make suggestions and recommendations to government, other agencies and foreign entities

Sea-Freight Pineapples

Exporters of Ghana

0302 244 358


  • To bring together exporters and producers/
  • exporters of pineapples and other fruits
  • To arrange for and purchase sea-freight space and other inputs for pineapple producers and exporters
  • To ensure that only pineapples of the highest quality are exported from Ghana by maintaining on farm pre-shipment inspection at various locations
  • To get its members to co-operate in the marketing of their produce, both locally and overseas

Ghana Rice Inter-professional Bodies (GRIB)

0302 689733

0302 674351


  • To identify factor chain constraints and develop strategies at different levels to alleviate them and develop the rice industry
  • To promote and regulate marketing agreements among stakeholders
  • Promote price negotiations and fair profit sharing mechanisms
  • Propose and lobby the government for the implementation of relevant rice policies

Farmers Organization

Networking Ghana(FONG)

0302 315894


  • To unite and build strong and viable network of small scale farmer and fisher based organizations and to contribute to food security.

Ghana Aquaculture






  • To bring individuals and organizations who engage in aquaculture and its related activities
  • To identify and prepare investment projects and technical cooperation initiatives in collaboration with international financial institutions, bilateral donors and national funding sources
  • To lobby policy makers to fashion out policies that will facilitate the progress of the industry